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What do we do during these hard times?

Hello Friends…it has been ages since I have written a blog post! It is crazy to think about how fast 2020 is already flying and I just can’t seem to find the time to sit and write….too many other irons in the fire. Most of the to-do’s that have made the blog take a back burner has to do with making Namaste Healing better and more informative for all of you. Mom (AKA Cindy, I will be using “Mom” throughout what I write because it feels weird for me to call her Cindy) has a burning desire to bring knowledge and love to you all and we are working on the different ways to make this happen. Which leads me to why I am writing today.

A couple of days ago, Mom shared a message on social media that she wrote with the angels regarding the COVID-19 and the message was a much needed one. I want to share that message here again:

“This is another important time in our history, because it is the opening of the human mind. This virus is not from God. It is created to cause systematic distress and fear. Within all time and space, the rules of fear have applied to humanity. Understand that within you is the power to believe in the structural changes that need to happen within our world to become of oneness again. We must realize that what is fear based is not of light. Fear and terror only lead us to believe in a false sense of emotion and logic. If we all unite by properly cleansing, eating well, exercising and living a clean life it will pass. Know that there are multiple levels of Loving Beings watching over and guiding you all.

If you do get this virus, treat it as the flu, doing as you normally would in these circumstances. This will only last as long as it is allowed as within any flu season. Each flu season causes a strain we fight to overcome. Yes, this is new to us, but it is not the end. React with common sense and love and we will be through this within two months. However, let this be the first of knowing what really matters, and that is that we are all one.”

When destruction happens in the world, it brings out the best and the worst in people. Fear and judgement are two big contributing factors to bring about the worst. Fear alone has managed to clear out stores, exaggerate information, put stress on people financially and stress on our economy. All of this has led to judgement.

First of all, I think it is super important to address the topic of the fear. I have been hearing from people that they are wondering if they should be worried and if the fear is justified. I think that fear causes panic and bad decisions. When we live in fear, we put energy into being in fear and surviving through fear. Guess what?!?!? All that does is bring on more fear and pass fear onto others.

How about the second contributing factor of judgement? So much judgement has come out of the fear of the virus. It is so important to look at ourselves and see where we are passing judgement. There have been judgement placed on who is at fault for the virus, what should have been done and when it should have been done. Everyone has an opinion and judges those who have to take action. We are not always going to agree with the decisions that are being made, but we can send light to the outcome. It doesn’t serve any purpose to sit back and judge with negativity. Again negativity feeds negativity.

I have been seeing posts about people being upset that the stores are getting emptied and how people are not leaving things for others. People have not been kind and have judged how much people are purchasing. How do you know the person you saw with three carts was purchasing only for themselves or if they were buying for themselves and their elderly relatives? How do you know if the person you saw with four packages of toilet paper was just actually needing toilet paper? Or that the cart full of food wasn’t just food a parent was purchasing for the kids to have while they are home for two weeks from school? Have you seen the reports of fights breaking out in stores?!?! My point of all of this is; unless you know there was malaise intent, don’t pass judgement. Understand that fear is guiding actions. If nothing else, it is the fear that they are being naive and not worrying enough. Next time you go to pass a judgement, how about you send love and light to the situation and hope that they are meaning well with their actions. Which leads me to the bringing out the best in people.

The best being humanity, coming together and supporting each other; having compassion and a sense of community. My heart is full to see that our community is coming together to help those in need. How amazing is it to see that the utility companies are not shutting off utilities for those who can’t pay right now?!?!? So many people are willing to run errands, make food, trade or give items that are needed. I see people giving support, offering help and encouragement. This….This is what it is all about. As it states in Mom’s post; we are all part of the oneness. The more energy we put towards something, the more that something will grow. We need to grow the energy of compassion, understanding and love. Remember what is fear based, is not light.

If we all join together with the cleanliness, isolation if we are sick, and taking care of ourselves and others, we will beat this. We will raise the vibration that the fear has taken from us. Take this time to spend with your family. Put away the electronics, pull out the board games, go for a walk and get some sun with your family. This is the time to see what is important in your life and to remember that we will survive, we cannot let fear and judgement rule our days. It takes each of us to make a difference and change the course of the craziness. I hope and pray that we come together to make that happen.

If you need help (including prayers for those who are sick), please don’t hesitate to contact us through our website. We would be honored to ease the stress this time may bring to you and your family.

All our love-

Namaste Center Family

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