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Let's Talk About Intuition!

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. –Albert Einstein

Intuition by definition is the ability to acquire knowledge without recourse to conscious reasoning. The intuitive mind is one that conveys knowledge without direct proof; it is an inner knowing that we cannot always explain. As Albert Einstein says, the intuitive mind is a sacred gift. We all have intuition, some of us just stay prisoner to the rational mind.

Before I go through the four levels of intuition, I would like to describe vibration levels. Everything in our existence is vibrational. When we are tapped into higher vibration, we can achieve anything because we are open. We are happy and excited for growth. When we are residing on a lower level of vibration, we are closed. We are unhappy, tired and do not have the desire to pursue our goals. There are many levels of vibration and the majority of the humans reside in the middle of the vibrational scale. There are others who reside on the lowest levels (these I do not prefer to give energy or thought to) and then there are others who reside on the highest level of vibration there is. I have to say that I am a lucky individual because I get to have one of the highest vibrational beings as my mom, but I will speak more of her later.

The first level of intuition is what we call the Gut Instinct. The Gut Instinct deals with our feelings of safety, security and survival. When we are in a situation, we can feel in our gut if we are safe. We know intuitively what we need to do for our survival and we follow that because we trust our “gut instinct”. This level of intuition is in our lower three chakras; the root, sacral and solar chakras. All three of them deal with the earthly needs and so this is the vibration that we reside on when we are focused on this level of intuition.

The next level of intuition is called the Heart Based Intelligence. This level of intuition deals with our feelings of courage, compassion and communication. When we are dealing with an emotional situation, we would be better serviced to raise our vibration to the Heart Based Intelligence and make decisions based on the courage and compassion that resides there. This level of intuition and vibration resides in our heart and throat chakras.

The majority of people only use either their gut instinct or the heart base for their intuition, if they listen to it at all. However, there are people who can raise their vibration to the next level, which is the Visionary Power. The emotions associated with this one are imagination, visionary certainty and creative possibility. This is the ESP and psychic level. There are many individuals out there who can do readings for others using this intuition, but they have to be very careful to remain on this vibrational level to be accurate in their information. The third eye chakra is where this vibration is. The third eye is the seat of intuition and where we can “see” the answers; true vision resides in the Visionary Power.

The final level of intuition is the Connection to Universal Wisdom. This is where Universal Awareness and Unity Consciousness resides. This is through the crown chakra and one of the highest vibrations there are. This is connection with all that there is and the best way to connect to this level of intuition as a human is through meditation. To sit in meditation and connect to the highest consciousness, you will be able to tap into the best intuition there is because it is all knowing. Prayer is talking to God and meditation is listening to God.

The reason I am writing about intuition as my first blog is because I wanted to give you a basis to understand how my mom does what she does. People ask us all the time how she does her work and what makes her different than others. Hopefully, after the descriptions of the different levels of intuition that I described, you can visualize how my mom does what she does. She resides on the highest level of consciousness and so she hears, sees and feels all that is, at all times.

My mom was born with the ability to always know. She didn’t realize she was different and thought that everyone could see and hear the things that she could. She thought that everyone could hear people’s thoughts when they walked in the room. She didn’t know that she was different; it was natural to her. It wasn’t until much later in her life that she realized, she had the ability to tap into her intuition more than most.

I have been lucky enough to witness my mom’s great ability to change people’s lives. She heals them in ways that they themselves didn’t think were possible. However, her greatest gift to them is to teach them to believe in themselves enough to know that they can learn to tap into their own knowledge. She wants people to understand that they can do what she does for themselves and they can live a high vibration life. They just have to stop being a faithful servant to their rational mind and tap into the gift of their own intuition.

If you want to practice this for yourself, start with your gut instinct. Practice paying attention to what your gut tells you and then move it to the feelings in your heart center that you are picking up from the situation. Once you feel safe and secure in these two levels, sit in meditation. Learn how to focus your energy and vibration and raise it to your third eye to visualize the intuition. After you have mastered those, sit with the highest vibration and connect with all that is to know what the truth is.

Intuition in the Connection to Universal Wisdom is possible for us all. We just have to believe it to be true and to keep our vibration high enough that it is easier to connect.



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