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Embracing Change for Personal Growth


We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are” – Max Depree

It’s October everyone! Which also means that it is fall, the season of change. The time that the leaves are changing, the temperature is changing, animals are preparing for the cold weather and the days get shorter. Change is inevitable and necessary; it opens up the chance for new to come.

I wanted to write about change today because that is what we, at Namaste, wanted to focus on for the month of October. We wanted to go with the flow of Mother Nature and do a fall cleaning of emotions, baggage and things that no longer serve us. We wanted to plant the seeds to grow into the individuals we hope to be.

I am a self-proclaimed stressor over change. I can sit for a long time in status quo…I am a Capricorn after all. I like things tidy, I like being in control and I like knowing what tomorrow is going to bring. I feel like life makes sense when things run on a schedule and I know what Monday is going to be and what Friday is going to be. To be completely honest, I fight change; it scares me. However, one of the many great lessons I have been taught through my mom on my spiritual growth is that change is the only thing that is truly consistent and that the greatest growth comes from the big changes in our lives.

According to Spirit, through my Mom, change is the direction of the soul. Change is the natural order because without change, you couldn’t learn the life lessons that you chose to learn in this incarnate. You cannot just come into incarnate and exist in one spot; for you will never learn and grow. Change is confirmation that the lesson has been learned.

In our conversation about change, Mom suggested that we look at our past and recognize the pattern of when we changed as people. Our lives, depending on which soul it is and what the journey of the soul was written will change in three to ten year increments. So in three to ten years, depending on when you graduate the lesson, you will evolve into a different person to move on to your next lesson. So if you were to look back at your life ten years ago, you would see that you are a different person today. This is also why relationships change; couples, parents and children, friends, all change because the lessons have been learned. Then we move to a new thing; a new classroom.

The reason I decided to start this blog, is to share the amazing gift that my mom has with all of you. She teaches all of us so many great, spiritual things and we want to share it with everyone. A great contributor to my mom’s gift, is the gift of change. There are two major catalysts of events that happened in my mom’s life to help her become the person she is today, to do the work she does and help as many people as she does. These two life changing events could have broken her, but through healing, she sees them as events that expanded her gift.

One of these major events happened in 1996 when my grandpa, her father, died of a heart attack at my sister’s wedding. Grandpa’s death was quick and unexpected; and my mom was devastated. She started reading every life after death book she could find. She wanted to know where he was and if he was okay. She didn’t have the time to ask him if he would be okay if he died, what he would want her to do if he died. She had so many unanswered questions. During this time, she kept hearing in her mind, “write, write, write” and she would never try it. This was Grandpa’s way of pushing her because it was his way of connecting with her. Eventually a family friend contacted my mom, because Mom was still in so much grief over Grandpa; and told her that she had a medium for her to go see. She went to this lady and the lady said that she had known for 35 years that she would have this angel walk through the door who was very protected and gifted. My mom asked her how she knew that it was her and this lady said “because you are surrounded by many angels”. She told my mom that she had been watched over, protected and guided since her birth. She told her to forget everything that she read and to go home and read the bible. Mom went home and read the bible in three months. During this time she remembered her childhood and other lifetimes and she was awakened. This was when she started her work, but on a lower level. She was told at this time that she would help people and that she would speak in front of congregations, which she never believed she would do because she was so shy. It was also during this time that she learned about the death of my dad; which is the next major event that catapulted my mom to where she is today in her gift.

After my dad’s death is 2011, my mom didn’t want to go on. The grief of losing Grandpa paled in comparison to the grief she had for my dad. She begged, pleaded and bargained to die to be with him. The years after my dad’s passing were a very dark time for Mom and we didn’t know if she would be able to make it through. Even in the dark times, she heard from spirit and she knew that she must carry on her work. She knew that my dad wanted her to go on and do the teaching and speak in front of the congregations; all of which would have been hard for my dad to allow in his human form because she belonged to him. If my dad’s chart had not ended when it did, my mom’s gift would not have expanded to the place it is today, because Mom considered herself his wife first. However, her chart was written for greater things and the loss of her father and then my dad took her out of her comfort zone; made her expand.

It has taken me a really long time in my spiritual journey to understand the concept of change. Losing my dad was the hardest change that I have ever been through; but definitely the one from which I have grown the most. In fact, I have come to realize through our hardest changes, come the greatest growth.

We would like to challenge you to take a look at your life and what change are you resisting right now? How do you look at change? Can you allow yourself to let change take you to a new place? Start now, start this month and embrace the change that is necessary for your growth into a new vibration.



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